WHYEG Designs

WHYEG Designs

why WHYEG?

A web centric design agency
serving the Edmonton area

Building websites with fancy animations

Have you ever browsed a website and thought “Wow. That’s flashy.”

Well, we can do that. We’ll give your website the oomph it deserves. We use modern design techniques to unknowingly force your reader to read all of your content.

Like magical animations.


You are important

If there was a university degree in being a team player, we’d probably get invited once in awhile to give a lecture.

We love to chat. Especially over coffee. We might slurp, but it’s just our way of listening.

Your ideas become conversations.

Building a business? We’ll be the emotional support you need until things feel uncomfortable.


Can't believe you've waited this long. You better get in touch right away!

Raising your
web cred

We’ve been googling things forever. Real experts.

You’re probably here because you want to be seen. We can optimize your website for all the creepy web crawlers.

Don’t believe us? Copy/paste “whyeg.com” in your favorite search engine.

We lead by example.